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Edging on Art Deco: Imbibe in Stylized Geometry

Arts décoratifs is a French-originated word that means Art deco or decorative art. The art of decorating a house is a prevalent form of interior design. It has been brought back to life from the twenties and people have really appreciated the art of the industrial aesthetic. It adds to the elegance and glamour of a house with its rich colors, quite bold geometric patterns of style, and appealing detailed work. Bringing a touch of beautiful Paris to your homes is not that difficult now. ModularX interior design services Hyderabad is here to give you the best designs. These ModularX best interior designers will make your home look like one of the pins you saved in your ‘home decor’ boards.

The Origin Story

It all started during the time of the Great Depression around the 1930’s. People were looking to adopt something more elegant and anti-traditional. The style was first exhibited around the 1920’s, in the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. This style made a statement and took people off their feet with its simple yet creative art design. The style is intended to symbolize elegance, wealth, and sophistication.

During the time of the Great Depression, it was considered to be a symbol of luxury and wealth. However, it was not  accessible to most people due to the opulence. Those times have changed, and so has the accessibility to this form of interior designing.

All About Geometry

Art Deco interior design can be characterized by its bold geometric patterns, sleek designs, vertical and angular lines, and perfect symmetry. With the help of ModularX best interior designers, you can design your home with the patterns consisting with this theme. The ModularX interior design services Hyderabad offers numerous art deco style ideas to make your home look like your dream home.

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Let Your Furniture Do the Talking

The rich colors of the walls and the glamourous patterns are not the only part of Art Deco interior designs. Large-sized furniture that offers luxury and warmth is a characteristic feature. Materials that are known for their natural beauty like maple, ash, ebony, etc, are used in Art Deco. These woods are exaggerated with high polishing and fine craftsmanship to increase the elegance of the furniture and the home.

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Light it up!

The lighting of the Art Deco interior design beautifully complements the whole style of the home. Various geometrical-shaped art deco lamps help illuminate the house in a way that matches perfectly with the furniture, the walls, and the flooring. These art deco lamps can easily give you the elegant feel of being in a palace.

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Art Deco for Every Room?

Art deco interior designs go well with every room. The style can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and hall. As long as the style is consistent in every room, the home is going to look like something straight out of a movie. Every room can have its signature style or the home can have one signature style that matches your personality making your home unique and at the same time luxurious and glamorous.

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Colors for The Art Deco Style

A combination of contrasting colors is most often used in the art deco style to give a chic vibe to the house. The use of very loud colors is discouraged. A subtle touch of light colors such as cream or off-white adds to the elegance of the walls.

Accessories for The Art Deco Living Room

Different accessories can be used in a living room for the art deco style. These may include:

  • Mirrors
  • Candleholders
  • Lamps
  • Fruit bowls and trays
  • Decorated frames
  • Gold or silver vases

All these accessories are kept in a geometrical pattern, which is the most important part of art deco style. Rich fabric for curtains and sheets adds to the elegance of the living room.

ModularX Hyderabad provides all the accessories and materials for the art deco style. TThe rich, velvety fabric exaggerates the beauty and luxury of the home while making it cozy and chic. ModularX best interior designers can help you make your home look consistent with all the elegant styles and provide you with the best services.


Born in the era of the great depression, this form of fashion rekindled the interest of the designers in the twenties. The style was modified according to the period, but the originality was maintained. Thus, this style depicts elegance, luxury and grace which a lot of homeowners are now opting for.

ModularX Hyderabad is keen on providing its customers with the best interior designs. ModularX interior design services Hyderabad can make your dreams of having a picture-perfect house come true.

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