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Minimalism Meets Modern: Kitchen Design Ideas

Increasing land rates make the affordable housing space reduce within fixed budgets. Therefore, these small spaces need perfect fitting solutions to store everything well while daily operations are not affected. ModularX kitchen designers use innovative tactics to make a small and compact space into a very easily operated kitchen with less hassle and no issues in designing, decor, and, most importantly, cooking. These modular designs are made at the lowest possible costs and with utmost care for the busy routines of the people living in cities. Read to find out the best strategies for your straight kitchen:

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Light Tonal Shade But Contrast Lights

The color of walls acts as a major agent of space. Lighter shades give more viewing space and more expenses to thinking capacity. Also, it blends in perfectly with the natural flavor automatically. It makes a straight kitchen idea more viable to working in harmony and promotes richness in the look and feel of the kitchen as well. A tone of white, light yellow, light green, and light blue are possible choices of light tonal shades. Alternatively, the lights in the kitchen should be a little warm and in contrast to the wall color. It gives a very warm vibe and working environment in a straight kitchen space.

Less/No Handles

Handles look great in symmetry. Maximum ModularX kitchen designers Hyderabad make sure of designing a kitchen with “Push to Open and Press to Close” technicality. This makes the possibility of an asymmetrical design also outshine and requires fewer hassles in a building. Also, placement of handles becomes an issue in India due to huge differences in the heights of individuals within the same household. So fewer handles make for fewer design issues and fewer troubles of maintaining the structure.

Balance Between Woodwork and Laminates


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Generally, ModularX kitchen manufacturers offer mixed-up suggestions for straight kitchens. This means they maintain a balance between woodwork and laminates. For example, the kitchen base and outlining are made with wood. This gives the entire floor a more robust outlook and heavyweight. Also, a wooden outline design provides a great texture from the front end. The kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are made of laminates. This makes the cabinets lightweight but durable enough to not rot with water. Also, laminated cabinets require less upkeep and are easy to clean.



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Straight kitchens cannot provide seating spaces. So to make it look less messy and desirable, islands are made in the middle in a slight contrast tone with seats so that tables can be laid on the island, and fine dining is never a problem. ModularX kitchen designers insist upon islands in the houses because it makes space look more spacious yet adequately utilized. It also avoids cluttering everything in one place. In general, islands were used only in L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, but the modern fusion approach brought the idea of adding islands in straight kitchens and making it worthy of admiration. Sleek island designs are like icing with a cherry on top of a cupcake, full of delight and irresistible.

Use tiles

The use of kitchen tiles makes the kitchen look fervently spacious and creates less dirty space when near the cooking area. Kitchen tiles come in various designs and various shapes. Proper kitchen tile arrangement makes the straight slab kitchen look gorgeous and smooth, and less tension in cleaning the tiles. Also, these tiles do not get oil stains and scratches. Instead, the use of cloth dipped in soap water is enough to clean the entire thing and make it shiny as new every time you walk in.

Window Placement

The window is an essential part of a plan for the ModularX kitchen designers. It provides proper lighting and ventilation in the entire space and is a good option for escaping heavy gases while cooking. Straight kitchens usually take up a corner of the establishment. In such a case, the cabinet is necessarily pushed to the edge of the wall. In case of any heavy cooking time, if there is a need for immediate ventilation of heavy gases, that will take time to rise and vacate the cooking area or create a problematic working condition for the active people in the kitchen.

Having said the above points, it doesn’t mean that the list is non-exhaustive in any manner and that it will end here. Many factors can make a ModularX kitchen designers Hyderabad a happier place for placement in houses. With these fantastic designs, the person living in the house needs not worry about keeping more items in limited space or limited items in more areas. There are predestined spaces for everything, making the possibility of clustering more minor. Also, the spectacular design that is an outcome of a great ModularX kitchen designer is always an added glitter.

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