8 Modern Sofa Set Designs Suitable For Every Living Room 8 Modern Sofa Set Designs Suitable For Every Living Room

Modern Sofa Set Designs Suitable For Every Living Room

Sofas are seating arrangements used to furnish a room. When selecting a good furniture piece that livens up your lounge, you have a broad spectrum to pick from. Here is a list of 8 modern sofa sets that you may opt for:-


  • U-shaped Sofa Sets:

You can call over several guests for a festive eve by adding fluffy, soft cushions to the U-shaped sofas. Furthermore, if you have many members in your family, this type of furniture is ideal. Sitting together and enjoying a film is possibly the best way to get close to your family after a tiring day of work. Dark greyish brown is a good shade for a living room sofa. If luxury is your primary concern, you can choose this kind of sofa, consisting of a centerpiece and two others adjacent to the central one at right angles, as any of the best living room designers in Hyderabad will advise you. If space is your chief factor, then U-shaped sofas are also optimal for you. Other shades that are suitable are beige, waffle-colored tints, and blue.

8 sofa set ideas

  • L-shaped Sofa Sets:

Graceful, classy, old-world, L-shaped sofa sets look the best with velvety dark blue, grey, and brown covers. Found in lounges, the living room appears to have more space with this sort of L-shaped arrangement. These sofas may also have a compact divan which can act as a makeshift bed for an extra inmate. You can curl in these sofas with a comfortable blanket around you and read a book on a cold wintry night, falling asleep with a soft cushion behind your head. If you are a resident of a pretty villa, then go to any living room design services in Hyderabad and ask for their catalogs.

8 sofa set design ideas

  • Leather Sofa Sets:

Upholstery of leather serves two purposes, they may emanate a corporate vibe, or they may enhance the elegance and splendor of your living space. Brown or cherry leather with curved handles are seen in rooms designed in a British Victorian-era style. The best living room designers in Hyderabad offer mainly black and chestnut tints for leather. Royal blue is also a lovely shade for leather sofas.

8 sofa set

  • Chaise Style Sofa Sets:

Hemispherical sofas or curved sets do not possess handles, and the curvature mellows the room and gives the furniture the look of a chaise. With these low heights, the comfort level increases. Several living room design services in Hyderabad provide built-in curved sofa sets in compact living areas and lounges. Comfy cotton pillows and cushions are set against wooden, oak walls, to make up for the lack of backrests.

  • Cane Styled Sofa Sets:

Cane sofa sets can be purchased at antique furniture stores. Often, a cane coffee and book table are added along with the set. Bamboo armrests and backrests enhance the period-style ambiance of your living room. These sets are akin to collector’s items. The heirlooms of bygone days are perfect for those who prefer to store objects d’art and curios in their rooms. The Top interior designers near you will have plenty of curio furniture for your choice. Cane and bamboo furniture look good both inside your house and out in the garden. They add a summery feel to lounges and living areas.

  • Futon Sofa Sets:

Highly flexible, futons can be converted from a couch or a sofa to a low bed. All you have to do is roll over the thick bedding, and you have a place to sleep, soft and comfortable with blankets added. Some futons have matching cushions added; some have contrasting colors. Futons come in many different shades and tints, olive green, blue, scarlet, off-white, cream, beige. Placed on carpets and wooden legs, futons can be found at the corners and centers of rooms. Versatile and easy to use, futon and sofa beds are convenient.

  • Settee Sofa Sets:

A tiny sofa or a sort of bench and loveseat, settees can be found in living rooms as a stand-in for leather sofas. Settees are lightweight and relatively portable. They may be used as footrests at the edges of beds, or they may be placed close to doors to use as a site for taking off shoes. In dressing rooms and closets that are meant to be walk-ins, settees are convenient. When plenty of guests arrive, and there are not enough seats, settees are used instead of chairs. For those who conduct business from home, settees may be used as a makeshift low desk.

8 sofa set designs

  • Cabriole Sofa Sets:

A seat fit for royalty, these French antiquities were around from the time of King Louis. Not only are they beautiful and regal, but their curved backs are also therapeutic and comfortable. They can be found in any of the top interior designers near you. Their list of objects will show you that these sofa sets are sold in many different velvety shades; red, blue, green, violet, golden, white. The rims are of mahogany and chestnut, and oak. Leather pieces used in these sofas are of the highest quality.

Now that you know all about the various kinds of sofa sets, do not hesitate to visit a nearby furniture store. If you are interested in expensive furnishing, then splurge.

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